Course Outline


Alessandro Innocenti (Università di Siena)   email

Course Objectives

The participants will develop an understanding of the main foundations and assumptions of experimental methods in political and social sciences. They will also gain insight into the empirical literature of experiments from political science, economics and neuroscience. Finally, they will be able to critically read experimental designs and conclusions. Students will also be given the opportunity to act as subjects in a laboratory experiment, which will be performed at the start of the course and discussed during the course.

Course Overview

The course aims to provide graduate students with a basic introduction to the use of laboratory methods in political sciences. The course will deal with methodological, theoretical and practical aspects of experimentation. It will assume no prior knowledge of experimental methods.

The course is divided in three parts:

(1) Introducing laboratory experiments as a research method in political sciences.

(2) Critically analyzing a selection of experimental studies and designs related to political sciences.

(3) Providing an introductio to field and virtual experiments.