Course Readings


The following readings provide students with a basic introductory review of laboratory research in Political Science:

– Druckman J.N., D.P. Green, J.H. Kuklinski and A. Lupia. 2006. “The growth and development of experimental research in political sciences”, American Political Science Review, 100, 627-635.

– Morton R.B. and K.C. Williams. 2010. Experimental Political Science and the Study of Causality. From Nature to the Lab, Cambridge University Press, New York, Chapter 1.

– Friedman, D. and S. Sunder. 1994. Experimental methods. A primer for economists, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, chapt. 1-2-3.

Further Readings

– Palfrey, Thomas R. 2009. “Laboratory Experiments in Political Economy”, Annual Review of Political Science 12:379-88.

– Wilson, Rick K. 2011. “The Contribution of Behavioral Economics to Political Science”, Annual Review of Political Science 14:201-23.

Background Readings

– Camerer, C. F., G. Loewenstein, and D. Prelec. 2005. “Neuroeconomics: How Neuroscience Can Inform Economics”, Journal of Economic Literature, XLIII, 9-64.

– Davis, Douglas D. and Charles A. Holt. 1993. Experimental Economics. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

– De Rooij, Eline A., Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber. 2009. “Field Experiments on Political Behavior and Collective Action”, Annual Review of Political Science 12:389-95.

– Druckman, James N., Donald P. Green, James H. Kuklinski and Arthur Lupia, eds. 2011. Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

– Falk, Armin and James J. Heckman. 2009. “Lab Experiments Are a Major Source of Knowledge in the Social Sciences”, Science 326:535-38.

– Guala, Francesco. 2005. The Methodology of Experimental Economics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

– Jackson, Michelle and D.R. Cox. 2013. “The Principles of Experimental Design and Their Application in Sociology”, Annual Review of Sociology 39:27-49.

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